Bespoke Career Management Services

At Eton International Consulting support is tailored to your situation, teaching you how to market yourself so you can approach the job market with the confidence you deserve. Helping you take a step back and evaluate your career, so you can be sure that you’re on the path to feeling fulfilled and harnessing your potential.

Have worked with clients from just about every walk of life, from senior executives to new graduates, in a wide variety of industries. If you’d like to help to reach your career objectives, then please get in touch and start planning now.

We can help you with:

  • Career coaching to dig into what you want to achieve in your career and what drives you.
  • Third age career planning to help those who might be nearing traditional retirement age get the most out of their careers.
  • Finding your next step with a proactive, targeted job search based on your career plan.
We work with anyone who wants to improve their career and lifestyle – whether you’re looking to:

Advance or change your career


Improve your earning potential


Become self employed


Get back into work after a redundancy or parental leave


“My consultant is a real people person; so easy to talk to and she really understands the business of executive recruitment. Each time we met she was well informed, up to date and interested about my personal career situation.”

Mike – H&S

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