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We all reach points in our lives where we can feel like we haven’t tapped our full potential. Perhaps you feel you’ve hit a wall in your career – or your career is getting in the way of what you really want to achieve. Perhaps you’re just at the start of your career but you’re struggling to find purpose and direction. If that’s you, then Eton International Consulting LTD is here to help.

At Eton International Consulting LTD we provide bespoke support that helps you get what you want from your career. We have more than 21 years’ experience helping people from a variety of backgrounds to advance their careers – so while we know that everyone’s situation is unique, we have lots of experience to draw on when helping you.

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Finding your next step

Whether you’re looking for progression, want to change your career, find a work / life balance your Job Coach will guide you & inspire ideas, help you to identify your skills & strengths support you to evaluate your choices & options

Planning Your Career Path

Not sure what your next move should be? your Job Coach will help you to build a career plan based on your goals and needs, and then act on it to maximise your potential. Take control of your own success by having a game plan & executing it with knowledge and structure.

Getting Back Into Work

Whether you’ve been out of work due to a career break, parental leave, or any other reason, and you want to get back into the workplace, we can help you prepare for success.

“Working with Lateef was a pleasure. She was professional, knowledgeable and open minded, and helped me find my dream position. The one most important thing she taught me is to appreciate my achievements and feel empowered by them.”

– Liz, Director

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