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The first step to finding a fulfilling career is to work out what it is that fulfils you. Do you aspire to work for a specific organisation, or in a specific industry? Are you looking for work that challenges and stretches you, or are you looking for a job which gives you a healthy work / life balance?

Eton International Consulting can help you to work out what it is you want from your professional life, and then support you to achieve it.

The things we can do to help you:

    • Identifying your career objective and understanding your skills and strengths
    • CV writing and editing, to make sure your CV promotes you to the fullest.
    • Networking support to help you get more out of face time with key stakeholders and influencers in your network
    • Social profile support to ensure your LinkedIn and other social profiles are pulling their weight – given that over half of all hiring managers would research prospective employees on social media.
    • Structuring your direct approach to employers to proactively start conversations about working with them, bypassing the job market altogether. 
    • International job searches, helping you to understanding and approach the global job market.
    • Interview preparation, including techniques that are proven to help you stand out at interview stage.
    • Confidence building. We understand that going out to the job market can be daunting, especially if you’ve not had to look for a new role for a long time. We give you the tools to face your job hunt with confidence.

Is there anything worse than looking for a new job?

At Executive Job Coach, we know that job hunting can be a stressful time – especially if you’re looking as the result of a redundancy situation. That’s why we take a direct approach to help you to find the right job for you while minimising the stress, rejection and disappointment you may expect on the job hunt.

Helping you make it happen

At Executive Job Coach we believe that finding the right job doesn’t just happen – you need to make a plan, and then go out and take the opportunity you want. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your goals and aspirations before planning to find your next role in a way you’re most comfortable with – face-to-face, video call or on the phone.

“I worked with my consultant to revise my CV and find options for more challenging roles. Working with her was a pleasure she was professional, knowledgeable and open minded.  Shortly after working together I found exactly the position I was looking for.  The one most important thing she taught me, among others, is to appreciate my achievements and feel empowered by them.

– Pantea, Director

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